I S F J; (listen) a mix for the kind-hearted people who feel everything with their whole soul and hold onto what they love with everything they’ve got; for those who strive for happiness but always manage to put others before themselves; for the lovers, the fighters, the unsung heroes. the isfj.

"I looked at everyone and wondered where they came from, and who they missed, and what they were sorry for"

i. hero // regina spektor, ii. fix you // coldplay, iii. somewhere only we know // lily allen, iv. ultraviolence // lana del rey, v. ask yourself // foster the people, vi. chasing pavements // adele, vii. beautiful child // fleetwood mac, viii. to a poet // first aid kit

(more in this series)

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does it ever kill you when you make conversation with the person youve been looking forward to talking to the entire day and they just kinda brush you off

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it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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My favorite TV-shows → Misfits
"What if there’s loads of people like us all over town?" - "No, that kind of thing only happens in America. This will fade away. I’m telling you, by this time next week, it’ll be back to the same old boring shit."

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sometimes i really want to explore abandoned places but then i remember that i sprint out of rooms after i turn the lights off

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Girls [acoustic] - The 1975 (Bing Lounge)

Beautiful. I can’t even explain how good Matty’s voice is here.

this is so fucking good wow

frick this is so much better than the original

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yaaaaas santa you look so good santa


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petition to have That’s So Raven added to Netflix 

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